EdVee as a module design and diagnostic Tool

Teams of people are increasingly involved in the creation of online courses. 
Members of the team develop and implement a design over time, often across separate locations and organisations.  This is creating a need for tools to support sharing across the team that  enable the visualisation of ideas at  early conceptual stages of the design process and support exploration of pedagogical design issues.   EdVee draws on developments in design science, systems engineering and design thinking to provide a design and diagnostic tool. As such EdVee is valuable for prototyping early course concepts. 
The tool was created to support early prototyping and collaboration during a course of module design process and was developed by myself and Professor Alison McKay.  Below is a link to our paper in Teaching and Learning Inquiry

Click here to Link to “EdVee: A Visual Diagnostic and Course Design Tool for Constructive Alignment”

EdVee supports innovation through the sharing and visualisation of constructive alignment of learning outcomes, content, learning activities and assessment. EdVee  is unique as it maps the alignment of multiple elements of curriculum design in one tool.
Click on the images to link to the 2023 Journal paper in Teaching and Learning Inquiry
EdVee has been carefully positioned within current developments in course design frameworks so can be used alongside them.  In contrast to a ‘storyboard’ or ‘swim lane’ type visualisations,  EdVee supports the analysis of thinking prior to, and in addition to, the temporal sequencing of a module’s construction so is very useful as a collaboration tool particularly for developing a dialogue across a team during early pedagogical discussions. There is a short video at the bottom of the page which explains its use and application.
To support the use of EdVee as a design or diagnostic tool, you can download a blank word template below which comes in a standard  A3 size or larger A2 size for more complex modules.  The word document has spaces to add all the elements of the course and moveable connection lines to highlight alignment.
Link to TLI paper

Video explanations of EdVee – six minutes

EdVee templates and Beta software

Case study illustrating the impact of using EdVee

Please get in touch about EdVee

I would welcome your comments and feedback about EdVee. I would also welcome being invited to present EdVee at your University.  I have a short presentation or an interactive workshop to demonstrate the impact of EdVee on collaboration in course design.  Please contact me on d.b.trowsdale@leeds.ac.uk

Download the EdVee pilot template in word

If you are interested to try EdVee, there are a couple of templates in word format available and a Mural Template to enable you to try the EdVee on your modules.

The resources page is password protected so that we can gain some insights into who it trying out the tool so please drop me an e-mail and I will send out the password by return.  If you could let me know your intended use and any comments on EdVee I would be delighted to hear about them.

To download the template, or just to get in touch, please click here to e-mail Dan (d.b.trowsdale@leeds.ac.uk) and request a password.

Resources and downloads pages (password protected) click here