In December 2022 I was invited by Cynthia Heiner from the StudentU team at the Universität Berlin to demonstrate how I apply the Lego Serious Play Method to learning design.

I created a tailored workshop to demonstrate how Lego and the LSP method could be used to co-design learning with staff and Students.  Working with Cynthia Heiner some excellent challenges were set for the group to build Lego models of “What does good teaching and learning experiences look like?” The staff and student built individual models before sharing their ideas in Lego form before combining into and building shared builds of new learning experiences.

The powerful mix of co-design using play, flow, creativity, metaphors and Lego unleashes fabulous creativity and new thinking.  The team are interested in using the techniques and methods shared by Dan to continue the Lego in their workshops with staff and students.

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Would you like to try Lego Serious Play and see how you could apply it to course design or student voice?

If you are interested in trying Lego Serious Play and finding out more about co-design of learning with Lego please do contact me at d.b.trowsdale@leeds.ac.uk. I can deliver tailored workshops based on your challenges.

People Mentioned:

  • Cynthia Heiner @cynheiner
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